Designing Code 4.41


Interface design is more than just visuals. Good code is designed with the user (developer) in mind. Learn to write beautiful code that people want to use, because it's well designed!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why is designing your code important?
  • What makes code usable?
  • How do you simplify your API BEFORE you build it?
  • How can you make your code intuitive for other developers?

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Kevin Kevin W. Gisi, 17 Apr 04:43 PM

Very strong discussion of the importance of visually clean code. Would have been nice to talk about code obfuscation with long delegation chains (controller->model->library->other library->gem->gem dependency->"OH! That's what that does")

Avatar-missing-icon-05 syntruth, 19 Apr 01:14 PM

I found this talk very interesting; great way to start off the day, really. The being 'positive' in your code really clicks with me, not only as a way of being consistant with variable naming, but also because, for some reason, I dislike bang-equals in my code. I'd rather do a 'if not foo == 1' than 'if foo != 1'. I try to keep my conditional statements on the 'positive' side whenever possible.

Stream.31899 ideaoforder, 21 Apr 02:31 PM

Probably the best talk of the day. It's often the subtle talks like this that I really end up internalizing.

Stream.5365 Cory Flanigan, 19 Jul 11:46 AM

This talk was excellent, it changed the way I think about structuring my code, and challenged me to spend those last few tired minutes of the day 'going the extra mile' to clean things up, so I can start off the day in a nice clean atmosphere. Really good stuff, thanks Steve!

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