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A lot of research is coming out that says that success is far more about persistent and deliberate practice than some innate ability. Covering a mix of reminiscing the past and predicting the future, you will leave with a clear guide on how to be whatever it is you want to. Spoiler: it involves a lot of work.

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Avatar-missing-icon-02 mandev, 18 Apr 03:30 AM

Very engaging and funny. Very appropriate content for a lot of developers that are expanding their knowledge base. I dig his candor, passion and excitement.

Stream.25504 cfurrow, 19 Apr 01:10 AM

I really enjoyed the talk. The topics you touched on were similar to ideas I'd pondered myself, but hearing them come up in a reasonable and straightforward way, more or less affirmed my previous thoughts. It was refreshing, and inspiring.

Stream.8869 jonmagic, 19 Apr 01:11 AM

While I enjoyed hearing your progression from regular dude to programmer with no talent, I think it could have been condensed just a little bit (10% shorter maybe?). However, I know you were running on NO SLEEP, so it may have just been that.

I really enjoyed the talk, it re-enforced a lot of things I'd been thinking about for the last year, and gave me some great new ideas (specifically the measuring against myself on a regular basis to see the progress I've made).

Sri_new kalidindis, 19 Apr 01:35 AM

Brilliant and engaging.

Stream.9297 bill.gathen, 19 Apr 02:18 AM

Very exciting to find another developer interested in the stuff that fascinated me: how do I get better? I've read most of the books you quoted and found them inspirational. I would add Chip and Dan Heath's "Switch" and Carol Dweck's "Mindset" to the list. Excellent kick in the pants!

Avatar-missing-icon-10 sung, 19 Apr 01:38 PM

Very inspiring and insightful

Joel_headshot Joel Helbling, 21 Apr 01:54 PM

Excellent presentation.

Stream.31899 ideaoforder, 21 Apr 02:49 PM

John's a very talented presenter ;)

Stream.22622 John Nunemaker, 22 Apr 06:31 PM

Oh, I see what you have done there... :)

Stream.5365 Cory Flanigan, 19 Jul 11:58 AM

What a phenomenal talk! This resonated with me and several of the points he made are things that I thought about time and time again since hearing it. Things like 'compare yourself to your past self' and 'moving from the general to the specific.' Really useful stuff, it was a privilege to have heard this message, and an honor to have met John.

D_silhouette2 mar von janko, 08 Oct 05:25 PM

A very delightful talk. I especially appreciate the researched quotes that all point to the fact that 'talent' or 'genius' is not an innate ability, but instead the result of hard work and determination to meet a challenge.

Thank you for your presentation and thoughts in this arena.

Avatar-missing-icon-10 rockywp, 14 Dec 12:57 AM

Really interesting and funny.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 snowman2795, 08 Jan 10:43 AM

Why can't I hear audio?

Avatar-missing-icon-07 nicky2, 30 Jan 03:07 AM

Excellent! I really enjoyed.

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