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If your first thought when deciding to build a web application with Ruby is to run "rails APPNAME", I'm here to tell you: You're doing it all wrong.

Ok, that was a bit harsh. But you needed to hear it. Q: Has Ruby on Rails transformed the way we think about building web applications? A: Yes. Q: But isn't it true that using Rails is extremely simple to use even if I haven't done Ruby before? A: Yes. Q: So Rails is what I should you use build Ruby web applications? A: Maybe.

If Rails is a hammer, it's my goal to show you that your next project may not need nails. I hope to show you the benefits of how using simple Ruby can put you on the path to better application design. I'll also show you a few tools of the Rubyist's trade that enable you to build a modular web application from emerging needs of your problem space. In the end we'll come full circle and I'll show you how the Rails philosophy is shifting in the direction of modular design and how we can leverage all of our knowledge with Rails to build powerful Ruby applications for the web.

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Afk g33klady, 18 Apr 03:06 AM

I'm new to Ruby, and picked up a Rails book to begin with. After this talk, I'm going to dive more into Ruby first before heading into Rails - a lot of great points about learning and using the core Ruby first.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 mandev, 18 Apr 03:19 AM

Smooth delivery, nice pace, very comfortable in front of packed crowd, and very good content. Ryan's points were well thought out throughout the presentation, especially those points about coders investigating the fundamentals, and not just the /magic/. Nice to chat with after his session.

Stream.22622 John Nunemaker, 19 Apr 04:55 PM

Ryan was confident and happy. Good transition from easy to advanced as far as content goes. Spent some time with technical difficulties due to using iphone as slide switcher. Might want to spend some time working on that (or get a dedicated remove (kensingtons are great). I would definitely tell Ryan to keep refining this presentation as I think it would be relevant at a lot of conferences.

Stream.9412 mikelikesbikes, 21 Apr 02:50 AM

Great talk. As usual, Ryan's background contributes to a very enlightening perspective on software/web development tools.

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