Too Much Text: When I Was Your Age, We Sent Email 3.6


The youngest generation of Internet users have relegated email to the domain of their parents and other “old people”. What are the current technical challenges faced by email that threaten it surviving for another decade of use and facing a decline in adoption by new users?

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Stream.11472 Taylor Davidson, 24 Mar 07:29 PM

Jay brought in 3 very knowledgeable panelists to add to the conversation, and did a great job in moderating the energetic discussion that quickly erupted around email, how different generations use email, what "email" truly is, electronic communications, social media; the room was full of very passionate and entrenched positions on a number of topics and Jay effectively guided the conversation so that it was truly a "conversation" and not the "argument" it could have become. Really enjoyed.

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March 17, 2009 — 03:30 PM
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