Adaptive BI Best Practices 5.0


Are you starting to create a BI solution....but where do you begin with? How to setup everything correctly so that you'll be able to handle new features required by the customers easily and without too much effort? Which standard do you put in place so that everyone who will join the project will be immediatly operative? How do you define your BI architecture so that it can be sound and flexible and the same time?

All this question come out every time someone has to start a BI project. In this session I'll present a set of standard rules we use to create our BI project, consolidated in more then five years of development (since SQL 2005 was released) and that allow to put some technical rules that helps you to start in the correct way right from the beginning: naming convention, architecture decisions, database unit testing, layering and everything you need to know to build an "Adaptive" Business Intelligence solution. The idea is to be flexible in terms of architectural decision but have some well-known rules in the solution to make it engineerable: in one word..."Adaptive"!

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