Not just a big freaking iPod Touch 3.5


Here in Chicago, half a continent away from the famous Reality Distortion Field we'll take a look at the iPad and see how this device differs from the iPhone and the laptop. We'll take a quick look at the language, the tools, and the techniques for targeting this new toy.

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Stream.2993 saleem, 15 May 02:48 PM

Positives: + Good Objective C intro + Good voice projection and articulation - I could hear you clearly all the way at the back! + Good explanation of View code, and how to create Views using NIB

Rooms for Improvement: - The title of the talk implied that there would be iPad specific content, in fact it led me to believe that the talk would focus primarily on the differences between programming for the iPad and for the iPhone / iPod. The only two bits of information on this specific difference that I got were (1) the fingerprint size is relatively smaller on the larger iPad screen and (2) iPad apps must be able to start in landscape mode. The paucity of iPad specific content left me quite disappointed.

  • The constant Commant-Tab switching between Keynote, XCode and other apps created tons of visual noise. Perhaps not programming during the talk could be an option. (Neal Ford has identified some presentation anti-patterns; coding during a preso is one of them! :-)

Marina_city John McCaffrey, 15 May 05:06 PM

good information, presented it with comparisons light to ruby or java

its always cool to see live coding, and simple examples

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Time & Location

May 15, 2010 — 09:00 AM
ThoughtWorks - AON Center, 200 E. Randolph St. 25th Floor, Chicago, IL  (Map It)