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A little over a month ago, feeling overwhelmed by all the new technology filling the pages of my favorite tech blogs, I decided to commit myself to spending an hour with a new technology every day for a month. In this talk, I'll share my experiences and explore the nature of motivation and what it takes to stay ahead of the programming curve. You can follow along at

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Stream.2993 saleem, 15 May 04:43 PM


  • Very informative presentation. I learned nuggets about several languages and tools in one hour.

  • Good use of humor and presentation skills.

  • Good use of the "narrative" metaphor. David described himself, his motivators/demotivators, his inspiration, his journey and his lessons learned using the story-teller's technique. I found this to be very engaging and quite effective.

Room for Improvement

  • Color contrast on slides. It was unfortunate that I couldn't see many of the still-pictures on many slides. From David's description of them, it appeared they would have made a striking backdrop to several points he made.

  • Voice projection. By all appearances, David is a wonderful speaker -- maybe a more concerted effort at projecting his voice so that the audience can hear would benefit him greatly. The room wasn't very large and the audience were few; yet he was still hard to hear on occasion (I was sitting in the third row, about 15 feet from him).

Stream.4102 jkrall, 15 May 04:51 PM

Fun talk, good overview of all the stuff you learned.

Gotta try to speak up though... even in a room this small it was hard to hear you at times.

That said, you made me want to check out your blog and play with some of these languages on my own.

Marina_city John McCaffrey, 15 May 05:13 PM

David always gives great presentations, well thought out, prepared, funny, memorable and informative.

it encouraged me to try out new languages, and that its ok to just take it in small bites (hello world)

If I had to give a criticism, it might be that he undersells the value of what he's presenting. These are great topics and he spent a lot of time on them, I loved the summaries, and only suggest that those were emphasized just a little more.

Me zenogy, 25 Jun 11:51 AM

Very inspiring

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