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Kburnell_s Keith Burnell, 22 Jul 04:57 PM

As always Jeff provided a clear, concise, and informative talk. My only issue was the broadness of the topic.

Stream.23259 michael.minutillo, 22 Jul 05:05 PM

Jeff had great content that was well worth hearing. It applies to more than just MVC apps as well.

Stream.23833 jkinter, 22 Jul 06:08 PM

Jeff did a great job at speaking to the 800lb gorilla of solution architecture. I particularly appreciated his willingness to admit that he was re-thinking some of the aspects of the Onion architecture...specifically how DRY applies to it. When available for review, I intend to revisit this presentation in order to get a better understanding of his assertions regarding DRY versus KISS.

Face2 eriklieben, 26 Jul 09:41 PM

Great presentation! good points.

One question, in my mind it would be more logical to create a seperated table called HistoryWorkItems or something like that, that contains the flat data (Title, Description, SealedDate, SummitterName, etc). Once the status goes to completed everything is inserted into the table and removed from the WorkOrder table. (Maybe at a reference to the Teacher table, if you after want to get his/her latest name later on)

Because in the real world you would probaly also have a box for completed workitems, otherwise it's most likely an unorganised mess.

If you would walk up to the servicedesk and ask for all your workitems, they would look in there current TODO box and the old workitems box to give you the answer, so that's how we would need to query also then.

Is that a different way of looking at the problem space? Or am I still trying to make it more complex that way?

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