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For much of its existence, JavaScript has been slow. No one complained until developers created complex web applications with thousands of lines of JavaScript code. Although newer JavaScript engines have improved the situation, there's still a lot to understand about what makes JavaScript slow and what you can do to speed up your code.

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Stringio magikMaker, 08 Oct 12:15 PM

Great presentation, thank you so much. I learned a lot today. I'll have a look at your books later.

Stream.18510 krofdrakula, 08 Oct 12:20 PM

A very concise and clear explanation of execution threads. Two thumbs up!

Avatar-missing-icon-06 Raph de Rooij, 08 Oct 12:21 PM

I thought I'd write "I'm still confused, but at a much higher level now. Thanks!", since I'm a JS noob. But after the presentation I have to admit that I could actually follow it and understand it! I really enjoyed it, including the parts that involved Paul Irish and your mom ;-)

Open-uri20120604-7-7phqn5 Luc De Brouwer, 08 Oct 07:50 PM

I was kind of hoping you'd take us a bit further down the rabbit hole, nevertheless, great presentation!

Twitter_avatar Lode Vanhove, 08 Oct 09:11 PM

Hi Nicholas,

thank you for a good presentation, I think even a non-JavaScript person could grasp the concepts explained. Which is a good thing.

However, personally I would have loved to see some more depth. For instance touching the subject/problem of dependencies when dynamically loading scripts, to name just one thing. But overall a very clear presentation, thank you.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Stefan van Zanden, 08 Oct 09:14 PM

Really awesome and funny presentation, we have a full Javascript based webapplication and I am working on a to be opensource project that will do some processing on large amounts of data and displaying data, so I got some really strong hooks to work with from you and other speakers asswel, thanks alot!

That said, you mentioned memory leaks, would have been great if you talked about that in another presentation, maybe next year? :)

Open-uri20120604-7-1ul8bxd Fred, 08 Oct 09:59 PM

What I got from your presentation, was that you made a quite complex subject accessible for people like me who are doing JS developement with jQuery on top, who doesn't know the underlying concept for things.

As others commented, I wish you would have talked more about memory leaks and such, but I understand if you had to prioritize etc.

Thanks again!

Stream.25746 Lea Verou, 09 Oct 12:37 PM

You're an awesome speaker but I was expecting more depth, since I had read the book and follow relevant blogs so I quite knew these already. The presentation was very amusing though, especially the part involving your mom :))

Stream.7766 Nicholas C. Zakas, 09 Oct 09:55 PM

Thanks for the comments, everyone. As some have mentioned, it's tough to figure out the level of depth to go into one particular topic versus giving an overview of several. Feel free to contact me anytime via Twitter (@slicknet) if there are specific things you'd like to know about. I may not do a talk, but I might just do a blog post. :)

Stringio Aaron Peters, 11 Oct 07:43 AM

Nicholas talk was very good. He talked about important things in a clear, easy to follow manner. Besides that, he was truly funny and won the crowd. Well done!

Stream.9709 Mathias Bynens, 11 Oct 08:11 AM

This presentation was awesome and amusing, but I was kinda expecting more depth. I had hoped to hear more about the subject of benchmarking your JavaScript (e.g. which tools to use and how?) rather than how it all works, but that’s just because I already knew about all that thanks to your book/blog. I would love it if you wrote a blog post about JavaScript benchmarking though :)

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