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Project managers, bosses, and teams are picking jQuery as their go-to JavaScript library at an ever-increasing pace. Nobody wants to choose a loser, and as demonstrated by super-meaningful Google graphs and surveys that count my grandfather's blog alongside leading web sites, jQuery is leaving all the other libraries in the dust. Plus, it's easy! And there's a plugin for everything! And with all those sites using it, finding someone who can write thoughtful, maintainable code with it will be totally no big deal. Right?

This talk is a call to arms. This is not just JavaScript -- it's JavaScript, damnit, a language worthy of respect and, gasp, knowledgeable developers. When well-meaning but uninformed deciders and developers see jQuery as the be-all-end-all answer, conflating a knowledge of jQuery with a knowledge of JavaScript, we all lose. As a community, we owe it to the language -- and ourselves -- to give those deciders and developers the context they need to make well-informed decisions. Maybe jQuery is the right answer; but first, they need to truly understand the question.

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Joe-head-with-hat Joe McCann, 26 Sep 11:33 AM

Absolutely critical topics raised and perfectly delivered.

Pink_background Nicole Sullivan, 26 Sep 12:14 PM

Very much enjoyed this talk.

Dsc_0070_square_crop_100x100 Morgan Roderick, 26 Sep 08:40 PM

Great talk, Rebecca raised a lot of interesting questions that the community will have to consider.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 han, 27 Sep 05:20 AM

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Holger-bw hblank, 01 Oct 04:28 PM

Critical stuff I enjoyed to think about, great delivery.

Avatar-missing-icon-09 gregersrygg, 04 Oct 11:08 PM

One of my favorite talks from jsconf!

Avatar-missing-icon-07 chevalric, 10 Oct 10:07 AM

Before the talk I was worried that it would be just about praising jQuery, but I was pleasantly surprised when the subject was the fact that jQuery knowledge seems to push back good JS knowledge in the eyes of recruiters and managers.

Good talk!

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