The State of HTML5 : Inaugural Address 4.85


HTML5 and friends have been getting implemented in browsers at an impressively quick pace. But that leaves us as web developers wondering, "Great, but how am I supposed to build cross-browser applications with these features when I still have to support IE".

We'll take a look at what the landscape of implementable features are, detailing best practices of implementation and fallback solutions where appropriate. For example, how do you pair WebSockets with a standard comet stack and what do you have to watch out for.

We'll also review your available feature set if you're only targeting webkit mobile, or if you've already given IE6 the boot.

The data will be up-to-the-day accurate, covering all major browsers and filled with best practices from topic experts.

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Tr_icon thatryan, 18 Oct 03:03 AM

Paul is a great speaker and teacher. Does a great job at getting the material across and having fun while doing so. Always great to learn that way. Thanks!

Avatar jakemcgraw, 19 Oct 08:09 PM

Best combination of entertainment and information at the conference. Never glanced at my laptop screen during presentation. Had me laughing and thinking the whole time.

Stream.25419 figital, 22 Oct 05:28 PM

I really appreciated the demonstrations of the latest and greatest stuff coming down the pike for Chrome with HTML5. This was one of the highlights of a great weekend.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 oswietlenie, 11 Mar 02:09 PM

its ok

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