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The enemy of maintainable code is extensive configuration. Popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails showed just how much can be accomplished by using convention over configuration. Since so much instructional data is described by the HTML of your site, why should you need to redefine it all again in JavaScript? In this session, learn how to develop clean jQuery code that responds to its context instead of the traditional, define everything, top-down approach. Learn how to develop and use conventions in your web sites to minimize the amount of page specific jQuery that is needed. This session will dive deep into the DOM traversal methods of the jQuery API where you will learn the difference between brittle and fluid traversal methods, strategies for structuring your HTML, and how to leverage some of the more obscure jQuery selectors. As part of learning how to code Contextual jQuery, this session will also cover tips and tricks on using both traditional and live events to write more effective, responsive code.

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Stream.25833 bob quinn, 17 Oct 03:56 AM

Best Practices for minimizing code and maximizing reuse. Practical principles, starting with "Don't think of IDs and Classes first!"

Open-uri20110721-12117-1rapwax-0 K. Adam White, 17 Oct 02:17 PM

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Open-uri20110721-12117-1rapwax-0 K. Adam White, 17 Oct 02:17 PM

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Open-uri20110721-12117-1rapwax-0 K. Adam White, 17 Oct 02:17 PM

More than any other talk i saw yesterday, this one will have the greatest impact on how I code. Thank you!

Stream.22263 Rick Waldron, 17 Oct 10:56 PM

Er, duh. I wasn't even there! :P

Tr_icon thatryan, 18 Oct 02:40 AM

Thank you Doug for a fantastic presentation. You have a great way of teaching that always helps me strive to learn more, well done sir!

Avatar jakemcgraw, 19 Oct 08:18 PM

The best technical presentation of the conference, I'm still digesting everything but this presentation will have a direct impact on my code.

Doug-html5-2 Doug Neiner, 22 Oct 02:59 AM

Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I really appreciate the support!

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Novi, 02 Nov 08:29 AM

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Avatar-missing-icon-03 Agnes, 14 Dec 01:33 AM

Thank you very much for your kindness and efforts to helping us in many ways. More powers to you.

Avatar-missing-icon-05 jakosez, 25 Mar 11:06 PM

I had a great time reading your article and I found it interesting. This is such a beautiful topic that me and my friends are talking about. Thanks for this blog, we are enlightened.

Mana. Rehman, 15 Sep 06:32 AM

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