Shades of Green: The Design of National Geographic's Green Buying Guides 2.74


The design process of bringing the National Geographic Green Guide online.

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Faceyourmanga.com_shake_yourself_ M. Jackson Wilkinson, 09 Jan 04:12 PM

It was tough to be the first talk at the first event, and there was definitely some stumbling here, but the content was good. Less time probably needed to be spent on the full background of the Green Guide, and more time spent on the solutions to problems.

Kvigneault Kevin Vigneault, 09 Jan 04:23 PM

Probably tried to cover too much in the allotted time and had to rush towards the end. The screens of the final UI were impressive.

Oshifflett2 Owen Shifflett, 09 Jan 04:45 PM

Brian was a little nervous at first but he picked up towards the middle and it was easy to tell he was passionate about the subject matter.

Photo_2 Tony Pitale, 09 Jan 04:59 PM

I would have been okay without so much background but, beyond this it was a decent talk.

Brian-profile-ag Brian W. Williams, 10 Jan 10:14 AM

BT was a bit nervous, but handled it well and didn't let it derail the talk. Practice will take care of that. In terms of content, the slides were great -- showed off some really good work and broke down the comps well. He tried to cover too much in the time period, but that's understandable, especially going first. I'd love to see this talk refined and given again, possibly when there's more time.

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