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It’s a simple question, right? But how often do you have the answer, especially for your SQL statements? Thomas LaRock from Confio Software will teach you how proper response time analysis plays a key part in the overall performance tuning process. You will learn how to define, measure, and analyze performance issues as well as implementing changes and how to make sure those changes continue to have the desired effects.

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Avatar-missing-icon-01 kwise, 18 Oct 01:24 PM

Great mix of theory and application. Gave point by point outline on how to systematically quantify your performance parameters for tuning your sql server. Gave specific techniques on how to performance tune. Covered alot of material in a short period of time (1 hr) without making it difficult to follow how to implement. Thomas also has a great sense of humor to make it fun and enjoyable to listen. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Time & Location

October 16, 2010 — 09:00 AM
Orlando, FL (Map It)