Mood Boards: The "Papa Bear, Mama Bear, & Baby Bear" Approach 3.45

  • Me Jay Moore 3.45


Jay Moore walks through a three pronged approach to presenting mood boards.

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Faceyourmanga.com_shake_yourself_ M. Jackson Wilkinson, 09 Jan 04:33 PM

This was a nice, well-wrapped approach to mood boards that left listeners with something concrete to take away and provided a good example.

Photo_2 Tony Pitale, 09 Jan 05:01 PM

Solid presentation with very good answers to some weak questions. Spoke clearly and knew the material.

Brian-profile-ag Brian W. Williams, 10 Jan 10:20 AM

I liked the focus of this talk. With only 5 minutes, trying to go through a long process is tough. Focusing in just on the mood board part of the process was a good decision. Jay's a solid speaker -- calm and confident.

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