Pragmatic CSS3 4.68


With browsers constantly adding support for CSS3, especially now that even IE jumped in the game, it’s quickly becoming a necessary tool of the trade. CSS3 offers exciting possibilities and changes the way that we design and develop websites.

In this 2-hour practical session, full of real world use cases, you will learn: - Everything you ever wanted to know about CSS3 selectors - Transparency and new color formats, including RGBA - New ways to work with backgrounds, including CSS gradients, multiple background images and natively supported image replacement - Rounded corners and border images - Box and text shadows - Transforms, transitions and their potential downsides - New values, including calc(), attr() and new units - Browser support information and techniques to take advantage of the exciting new stuff with respect to browsers of the past, to create experiences that are enjoyable for everyone

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Kamiltrebunia Kamil Trebunia, 24 Oct 01:49 PM

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Kamiltrebunia Kamil Trebunia, 24 Oct 01:52 PM

Great introduction into CSS3, great speech and very memorable slides. Lea built great looking, interactive slides (live coding within presentation slides with instant preview) with HTML and CSS3 (one of the best I've seen ever) to really prove the value of new CSS3 features. Virtually everybody would learn at few new features or tricks, me included. Little bit more self confidence next time (which I bet will come naturally after all good words she received afterwards) and it will be just perfect.

Avatar-missing-icon-10 xianchen, 10 May 01:52 AM

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