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Pragmatic CSS3

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October 21st, 2010 7:40 AM

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

With browsers constantly adding support for CSS3, especially now that even IE jumped in the game, it’s quickly becoming a necessary tool of the trade. CSS3 offers exciting possibilities and changes the way that we design and develop websites.

In this 2-hour practical session, full of real world use cases, you will learn: - Everything you ever wanted to know about CSS3 selectors - Transparency and new color formats, including RGBA - New ways to work with backgrounds, including CSS gradients, multiple background images and natively supported image replacement - Rounded corners and border images - Box and text shadows - Transforms, transitions and their potential downsides - New values, including calc(), attr() and new units - Browser support information and techniques to take advantage of the exciting new stuff with respect to browsers of the past, to create experiences that are enjoyable for everyone

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