Peer to Peer Web and Why You Should Care 4.07


This talk is a gentle introduction into the nebulous topic of the peer to peer web. We'll have a look at mobile devices, laptops, desktops and the cloud and how they all fit together today and how they are already shaping up to look in the future.

I'll highlight some technical and social hurdles that need solving (this is where I hope to get you, the listener, engaged in helping to shape the future).

Finally, I'll propose how Apache CouchDB is one of the foundational building blocks of our peer to peer future.

No worries, this isn't a sales pitch, I wouldn't be working on CouchDB if I weren't passionate about the peer to peer web and I wouldn't believe CouchDB is a necessary part of it :)

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Stream.1017 keemor, 25 Oct 09:37 AM

Jan is a great speaker. His presentation on private data was very inspiring.

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