Using data of the web and offering your own services with JavaScript and HTML5 4.76


In this session Christian Heilmann will show you how easy it is nowadays to use the power of web services in JavaScript. Using YQL, you can turn any data on the web into a JSON object to use in your scripts and you can even move your JavaScript solutions server-side on a hosted platform to offer them as services to the world. The web is a big sweet-shop of data and with a system like YQL, a dash of JavaScript and using some of the new HTML5 APIs you can create impressive apps in a matter of minutes.

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Ms Marek Stasikowski, 24 Oct 06:30 PM

one of the best freaking exciting topic, and great, engaging delivery thanks!

Marin-64 Marin, 25 Oct 09:04 AM

Sad for the lack of internet connection, and for the switch of schedule. But your presentation was great (a bit repetitive though - accross conference).

Congrats again for the info you told us on the cab ;)

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