Reusable Code, for good or for awesome! 4.38


What sets reusable code apart from other code? How can we make our code developer-friendly, fast, robust & compatible?

In this talk we'll cover testing, working with compressors, measuring performance, but concentrating on API design.

We'll analyse existing APIs, looking at what makes them good, or in some cases wonder what their creator may have been smoking at the time.

By looking at the wins and fails in the real world, we can discover what makes code a pleasure to use and reuse.

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Stringio Lukasz Anwajler, 24 Oct 05:06 PM

Jake, you were great, I'm looking forward to see more of your lectures!

Dsc_0070_square_crop_100x100 Morgan Roderick, 24 Oct 05:11 PM

Unfair that your talk was at the same time as mine. Can't wait to see the video.

Stream.30730 Joe Egan, 24 Oct 10:32 PM

Hilarious, really well executed, great balance.

Stream.728 Johan, 25 Oct 06:47 AM

Absolutely perfect start of the second Front-Trends day!

Marin-64 Marin, 25 Oct 09:00 AM

Say hi to your mom from us ;)

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