Inside the Process 3.98


A look at the Viget process using client questionnaires, mood boards and wireframes to inspire design.

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Faceyourmanga.com_shake_yourself_ M. Jackson Wilkinson, 09 Jan 04:38 PM

I don't get to see Rob talk too often, but I think he did a really great job here. If the talk had been wrapped into a specific point of view or thesis, it would have gotten higher marks, but he had a quality delivery of an interesting process that yielded a constructive Q&A.

Brian-profile-ag Brian W. Williams, 10 Jan 10:36 AM

I thought Rob had the best energy of all the speakers -- and that's a hard thing to learn if you don't have it. His passion for design and the process really came through, and it made for a very engaging talk. Even though I think he was a bit nervous, he handled it with confidence and humor, and kept the audience at ease.

The content was good (even with the last-minute adjustment, my bad) and put together in a way that was easy to digest. It's hard without being able to say who the client was, but I thought that a few little stories about the client / project could have been valuable. I felt like it wrapped up a bit quickly (possibly due to time constraints) without a good parting summary, but given the format (focus on Q&A) it worked out.

Overall, great job. I'd love to see Rob give talks like this more often.

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