Zero Dollar Budget 3.78


What to do when you can't create everything by yourself and you don't have any budget to spend? Jason walks through a forthcoming project done with a little help from his friends.

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Photo_2 Tony Pitale, 09 Jan 05:06 PM

Great design, excellent delivery, quite a few laughs. I found the project to be slightly more inspiring than the content of the talk.

Brian-profile-ag Brian W. Williams, 10 Jan 10:44 AM

Jason's a confident speaker with a cool style. I liked the low-key slides -- it helped focus on his talking points, and made it feel more conversational which was spot on given the crowd. Especially being the last one of the night, the informal presentation was a good mix with the others, most of which seemed more structured.

One bit of criticism would be he should have given the background on Ficlets at the beginning to frame the talk.

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