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Spend the day with author and designer, Todd Zaki Warfel and design and prototyping master, Jonathan "Yoni" Knoll in this action-packed half-day workshop. You'll walk away with a digital copy of Todd's latest book, Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide. Todd and Yoni will present prototyping tips from the book and how to take advantage of the latest technique using HTML5 and CSS3. You'll work your way through a series of case studies, as Todd and Yoni reveal techniques that will help you craft flexible, bulletproof, effective and adaptable interfaces that make up a solid user experience. They'll show how to use tips from the book, combined with a number of guiding principles, like progressive reveal, predictable interactions and other ways to make your designs more elegant.

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Stream.17877 brianjdurkin, 09 Feb 11:51 PM

Great talk. I got a great deal of info out of this workshop.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 Joe Lachoff, 10 Feb 03:23 AM

I enjoyed learning about what's different in HTML5/CSS3 compared to previous web technologies, and also really liked the way the presenters engaged with the attendees. Also great was the interactive content- it was cool to get a package of files, roll up sleeves and try some stuff out. I'll admit I was expecting something a bit different from this workshop- I was hoping to attend a workshop that would demonstrate specific tips and techniques for prototyping using these tools. Instead, it felt like a workshop about using these tools for building production sites with a lot of emphasis on cross browser support for browsers, for example. Don't get me wrong - very interesting topic, but just a mismatch with what I was expecting. Still, your workshop was a thought provoking way to start the conference and I'm looking forward to reading your book and using HTML5/CSS3 on my projects. Thanks!

Open-uri20120605-1-1xbcmys Vicente, 17 Feb 02:31 AM

Just a little too basic. Most of the people at our table were way beyond "how to close a tag." The content that was shared toward the end of the session should have been at the beginning and built up from there.

20090410_zakiwarfel_25_w Todd Zaki Warfel, 18 Feb 01:57 AM

@vincente "How to close a tag" was a single comment during the entire 3hr workshop. The rest of the workshop focused on how to best utilize HTML5's tags to structure your design from a data modeling perspective, how to use those tags appropriately to create semantic structure, how to best use the new attributes, how to use CSS3 for things that previously required images and how to write a javascript function to create simultaneous ajax transitions. That's hardly an accurate account of the workshop.

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