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Scrum Master Anti-Patterns

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Avatar-missing-icon-08 Roman Makushnyak, 07 Feb 10:40 AM

Please leave your comments while rating. It is very valuable to get your feedback what was good and what was not.

Rseniv Rostyslav Seniv, 07 Feb 12:02 PM

would give you more feedback face-to-face.

What I liked is the discussion we had though sometime there was to much of discussion. It is caused by the different level of attendees of the presentation and conference overall. Probably need to specify the desired level of audience for each presentation and/or 'useful reading before the conference' to ensure there is no cases when agile beginners select complex topics and experts - simple.

For the content, I would add more patterns to discuss, to make the presentation more complex.

Stream.16411 Vitaliy Kulikov, 09 Feb 09:46 PM

I would like to rename this presentation, like: 'Waterfall PM on Scrum Project'. It's obvius to discuss about epic fails, better propose best practices =).

But, such type of presentation make sense simetimes and I think this one was helpful for people who blame Scrum ;)

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