Successful Agile Adoption. Models and advices 3.93


Successful Agile Adoption. Models and advices

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 123, 05 Feb 11:57 AM

to much pingvins :)

Kirillklimov-150x150 Kirill Klimov, 06 Feb 01:10 PM

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Rseniv Rostyslav Seniv, 07 Feb 10:50 AM

was very cool presentation. Interesting and funny story followed by well structured info on adoption. Liked the thoughts on Seeding pattern of scaling Scrum. Would like to here more on various patterns around (splintering etc).

And what I liked the most is continuity of the presentations. they all (almost all) had a lot in common (especially principles) and one presentation was occasionally smoothly getting into another. It would even hard to plan the flow of presentations like this, but that happened. Open Space sessions touched the topics of presentations as well so the entire conference was smooth and integral.

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