The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines 4.19


One of the strongest features of the ASP.NET MVC framework is its extensibility capabilities, which enables using different components with ease. In this session you will learn the differences between the view engines available to you at the moment -the web forms view engine, Spark, NHaml and Razor.

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Headshot-wife Doug Rhoten, 08 Feb 03:22 PM

Good basic overview of some of the syntax differences between a few different view engines. Did begin to cover some of the limitations of each engine, but it would be interesting to dig into that more.

Stream.11405 Rob Greyling, 08 Feb 09:05 PM

The interactive polls were a great idea, unfortunately were never going to be a true representation given the fact that the talk couldn't go into what view engines look like after being in production for a year. That's when things start getting messy.

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