BDD in ASP.NET MVC using SpecFlow, WatiN and WatiN Test Helpers 4.19


In recent years, the friction of creating scenarios in BDD, and in using those scenarios to author tests, has been reduced greatly. Developers now have tools that enable specifications to be written using a structured, English syntax, and to use those specifications as the tests that prove out the code. These domain-specific languages now enable us to create executable specifications first in the process, followed by building out only that functionality which meets the specification, resulting in fewer, more value-focused tests. This presentation will introduce Gherkin, SpecFlow and WatiN, and provide examples of how these three tools can be used to create BDD-style in ASP.NET MVC applications. Gherkin and SpecFlow provide the framework for writing and executing specifications within Visual Studio, while WatiN allows us to write tests that drive a web browser automatically, giving us automated, end-to-end testing of the public features system.

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Open-uri20120604-7-178eyif sam, 08 Feb 03:19 PM

there was way too much discussion of what bdd is as opposed to tdd. I'm willing to bet that a greater majority of devs know what bdd is...and we don't need to be sold on the value of bdd...but wanted to see the tools, and processes. Way too much time was spent on this selling me on the value of bdd.
everyone in the conference room was restless during this presentation. It's just a matter of fine tuning the delivery to the correct audience...and this audience wasn't a group of juniors.

Stringio Ryan Howe, 08 Feb 03:47 PM

Video was laggy which made keeping up with presenter difficult

Open-uri20120604-7-cs9jrc Rob, 08 Feb 03:59 PM

Loved it! Thank you

Stringio Scott DePouw, 08 Feb 04:00 PM

Video went out of sync a couple of times, but the speaker kept the presentation going smoothly.

Avatar-missing-icon-10 Shane, 08 Feb 04:02 PM

never got to see tests pass, love the spirit of it though

Stringio Andreas Kroll, 08 Feb 04:03 PM


The amount of useful information per minute is just unbelievable.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 Joel, 08 Feb 04:04 PM

Great speaker, good information, made the whole seminar worth it (and it is only the second session so far!)

Very nice!

Open-uri20120604-7-p5x7hu Dave Sussman, 08 Feb 04:05 PM

Loved this presentation; really showed the way to use these products in a useful way.

Open-uri20120604-7-be6bij Charles Ouellet, 08 Feb 04:05 PM

Very interesting presentation, the speaker was really well prepared

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Andreas, 08 Feb 04:08 PM

Sharing code over such a slow video link isent ideal.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 David Hoerster, 08 Feb 04:18 PM

Great job!! I'm not a SpecFlow user, but have thought of using it. Your talk has increased my interest in starting to work with these tools. Thanks!!

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Demetrius Middleton, 08 Feb 04:38 PM

Very very good presenter. I like the fact that all of the code was not pre-written (but that it actually was). IE. you would start to type the code, then after we knew where you were going, you'd go ahead and insert the snippets. I don't like to see all snippet presentations, and I definitely don't like to see all of the code written in presentations (unless you can type 200 wpm with no errors :) ). It's obvious that you have experience with presenting.

Open-uri20120604-7-oxgx93 Mike Hatfield, 08 Feb 04:45 PM

Really enjoyed the outside-in flow demonstrated in the presentation. For me, this was the most important concept for the developers to see. The tool demo's were good, but secondary to the process.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Joel, 08 Feb 04:56 PM

Great speaker, good information, made the whole seminar worth it (and it is only the second session so far!)

Very nice!

Avatar-missing-icon-10 Bobby Rigano, 08 Feb 06:08 PM

Excellent content and presentation, at the right level for someone just getting into MVC like myself.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Douglas Starnes, 08 Feb 07:24 PM

This was an great talk with a lot of content. Brandon clearly explained why BDD should be seriously considered using real world analogies and also had a complete example. The only concern I have is that it might have been too much content for the hour. He is obviously very knowledgeable as he moves quickly ... too quickly for LiveMeeting to keep up. I'll be spending some time with the source and the archived recording. Also will be looking for the remaining videos in the series on his blog!

Avatar-missing-icon-09 Pyccki, 08 Feb 08:12 PM

i wish he can go back and check video of his session. what a mess !!!

Open-uri20120604-7-udsc37 Johan Driessen, 08 Feb 11:15 PM

A little too much content crammed in to one session, but very interesting.

Avatar-missing-icon-05 Cody Skidmore, 08 Feb 11:23 PM

The content was extremely useful. Two things interfered with delivery. #1 a very sluggish video (and sometimes audio) feed. #2 The speaker needed more time to deliver the presentation. There was just too much content (all of it useful) to deliver in an hour.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 marc moore, 09 Feb 01:57 PM

Graphic-intensive slides inappropriate for this type of presentation because they created too much lag... Otherwise, very solid.

Joewilson4_small Joe Wilson, 17 Feb 04:36 AM

Very nice demo off driving from acceptance testing down to unit testing and back up. Good companion to your MSDN article! :>

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