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Avatar-missing-icon-07 Bill, 08 Feb 07:56 PM

Poor connection made the video difficult to watch and hear. Had to stop watching.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Peter Marriott, 08 Feb 08:03 PM

Shame about technical issues

Avatar-missing-icon-09 Josh Dean, 08 Feb 08:05 PM

Holy verbose Batman! This got down to the fine nitty gritty on how to even make your own scaffolds. More than I need, but definitely really awesome.

Open-uri20120604-7-af4n77 lcranf, 08 Feb 09:00 PM

Great tool. Showed the extensibility and power of MvcScaffolding...

Open-uri20120604-7-j8mtmh andyg8180, 09 Feb 04:34 PM

I wish there was a good written tutorial for this. Took lots of notes since its such an awesome tool

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