Entity Framework "Code First": Domain Driven CRUD 3.25 http://spkr8.com/t/5537


This presentation will demonstrate Entity Framework's new "Code First" functionality. Domain driven design (DDD) puts focus on the business domain with the database as an "after the fact" process. This presents an alternative approach as compared to traditional "database centric" applications. Using "code first" will allow for a rich domain model to be surfaced up to the database as “in memory” objects via a repository pattern.

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Open-uri20120604-7-1allog Scott Puleo, 08 Feb 08:58 PM

Too much intro, need more meaty coding goodness!

Avatar-missing-icon-07 VulgarBinary, 08 Feb 09:24 PM

Too much focus on the frilly features of Code First and not enough focus on POCO / Mapping usage. Sure the database creation and seeding is nice but will not be used in production systems 90% of the time (Except for CI environments and clean slate testing environments.) Would have been nice to see it used in more production setting use cases.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 Terry Rasmussen, 09 Feb 03:03 PM

Agreed 100% with VulgarBinary. Seeding is cool, but will be hardly used. Wanted more POCO stuff.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 xianchen, 10 May 01:55 AM

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