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Objective-C, CocoaTouch oh my! MonoTouch is an innovative platform that allows the C# developer to write applications for the iPhone and iPad using a subset of Mono, the open source implementation of the .Net Framework. In this talk, we will look at MonoTouch, what you need to work on MonoTouch and explore a simple application created using MonoTouch. If you are curious about MonoTouch, curious about how to get started with MonoTouch or simply curious about how .Net plays with Apple technologies, this is the lap for you.

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 Stan, 06 Mar 12:10 AM

Great presentation, thank you. -- Stan

Open-uri20110306-20103-16grxpw-0 dlwiii, 06 Mar 04:10 AM

A bit frustrating that there was no demo. Even just having some MonoTouch and Objective C in text files would have been nice to see. Like, just show how to accomplish the same simple task in both. The talk also needed a clear ending. It felt like it just went on and on. Good topic to cover, many people present, but lacked true tech meat. Too many random opinions about things, not enough code.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Joey Filichia, 06 Mar 07:23 PM

I apologize for not having code to display, it was truly my fault for forgetting my MiniDV Adapter to VGA. There simply was no time for me (having volunteered to help out with the Trifecta) to create even screenshots in my presentation. Consequently, since my ending was supposed to be a code demonstration, I had to try and find an ending on the fly, so an assessment of "feeling it went on and on" is a valid assessment. Thanks for the feedback and I'll try to be better prepared next time. Joey

Avatar-missing-icon-08 Joey Filichia, 07 Mar 04:30 PM

Slide Decks and such have been posted: http://filichia.com/?p=46

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