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See how Microsoft Kinect can be leveraged using C# and Silverlight to create interesting and engaging user experiences. Attendees will learn what tools and resources are available to initiate a connection to the kinect, process gestures and trigger applicastion interactions.

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Avatar-missing-icon-04 DJ Miller, 05 Mar 09:43 PM

Session hasn't even started yet, but I can already tell it's going to be awesome.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 DJ Miller, 05 Mar 11:00 PM

Previous comment was a shameless plug to win a Kinect. Didn't work, but still loved the presentation. :D

Avatar-missing-icon-10 Stan, 05 Mar 11:25 PM

Outstanding. The best presentation I have seen. Stan

Kinecthead Daren May, 06 Mar 06:04 PM

Hey everyone, thanks for attending the session - I hope you all enjoyed it and found it useful. I will be uploading the deck and slides to the "slides" link above later today or tomorrow.

Stream.28092 Nathan Zaugg , 07 Mar 05:36 PM

With a topic so cool and expansive I didn't really want to see a lot of time spent on the sockets. In it's place it would have been cool to see more of what other people have done with a hacked kinect. Amazing presentation and demo though.

Kinecthead Daren May, 07 Mar 06:59 PM

@Nathan - I understand your perspective and would have loved to have 3 hours, however sockets were essential for leveraging the Kinect with Silverlight which was the primary theme of this presentation. Given only two members of the audience would own up to knowing what a socket server was, I felt I had to spend some time explaining how one could be implemented and leveraged within .NET and Silverlight. I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation regardless.

Kinecthead Daren May, 07 Mar 07:27 PM

I have uploaded the deck and source to SkyDrive

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