State of REST in .NET 4.7


REST is just starting to enter mainstream usage in the .NET community. Numerous libraries and frameworks are cropping up to help make working with REST easier. In this talk, John will give a brief overview of REST and the current .NET tooling landscape with in-depth examples of one client library (RestSharp) and one server framework (OpenRasta).

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Open-uri20120605-1-1ohr7ka Zachary Pinter, 05 Mar 07:40 PM

This was a great talk. Very fast-paced (I hate slow/boring sessions) and filled with information. Thanks!

Open-uri20110306-20103-16grxpw-0 dlwiii, 06 Mar 04:07 AM

This was a font of good information. I loved the demos of all the different technologies that implement Rest. Great to have a fast pace as the first session of the day, it really got my mind running, and hands itching to write some code!

Joewilson4_small Joe Wilson, 07 Mar 06:31 PM

I also liked the fast pace and continuous information flow. Nice small handful of slides. Good overview of the current REST frameworks out there. Good examples code to compare/contrast the different frameworks.

Maybe next time, don't worry too much about live coding in the talk, since the code is simple enough to speak for itself. You can then give a walk-through of working sample code instead.

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