Better Data Management with TaffyDB 3.72


Better Data Management with TaffyDB: In this presentation you will learn about the TaffyDB Library. TaffyDB acts as a thin data layer within your JavaScript applications that makes it easy to manage, manipulate, and query your data without returning to the server. In this presentation you will get an overview of how TaffyDB works and how easy it is to start using it in your applications. You will also learn how putting TaffyDB at the core of your application can help you create faster, more flexible, and more innovative experiences for your users.

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Avatar-missing-icon-04 raydaly, 24 Apr 02:49 PM

Will have to test this with 30,000 records like demo. Looks promising, but proof is in the typing.

5738722750_7bae0ccdcd_m Evan Light, 24 Apr 05:34 PM

Live coding. Excellent.

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