Deploying to the Edge with CouchDB 4.52



Apache CouchDB can serve applications written using familiar Ajax patterns, using no middle-tier application server. Standalone CouchApps are quick and easy to develop, as well as being easily portable. They are ideal for in-house or education projects, as well as opening up novel opportunities using CouchDB's peer-based replication. In this talk I'll walk you through hello world with CouchApps, and then explain some of the new possibilities they open up.

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Avatar-missing-icon-08 raydaly, 24 Apr 05:49 PM

Need a copy of these slides! So many just graphical simplicity that made the talk even better.

Even better, couchDB rocks. This points to the future.

Holger-bw hblank, 29 Apr 07:36 AM

couchdb rocks, presented by rockstars ;)

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