JavaScript TDD for Rubyists 4.38


Most Rubyists are becoming comfortable with using TDD for their Ruby code using RSpec, yet have never written a single test for their JavaScript. This talk will introduce Jasmine as an easy to learn, easy to use JavaScript TDD framework to help you start writing tests now. Using RSpec as a point of comparison I present Jasmine's features and pitfalls, and demonstrate how it can revolutionize the way you think about JavaScript.

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Avdi-headshot-rep3-2010-square-tight Avdi Grimm, 25 Mar 09:06 PM

Very strong delivery. As someone who doesn't care for "getting started with $tool" presentations in general, I would have preferred more of a "how WE are using jasmine" type of talk. But as intros go it was very well-executed. Nice job!

Open-uri20120605-1-e7t9bs Tim Linquist, 25 Mar 10:48 PM

Good introduction to syntax. +1 on Avdi's comments about real world use case(s). +2 on delivery.

Possibly cover a real world example of an event with AJAX callback and how TDD fits into that development workflow.

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2 Ratings: 4.38

Delivery: 4.50

Content: 4.25

Time & Location

March 25, 2011 — 01:30 PM
Bend, OR (Map It)