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Javascript Code Organizations, Patterns is a look at the different techniques that the speaker and fellow developers at Mutually Human Software write Javascript. Includes evolution from Inline Javascript to Unobtrusive Javascript, to traditional Class-based OO JS, to function/closure based code, to Event-driven selector-oriented code.

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Avatar-missing-icon-08 Keith Hinkle, 29 Mar 03:11 AM

Nice Job Zach. Any idea about the MVC tools Dave listed? Thanks.

Stream.3360 Zach Dennis, 29 Mar 01:58 PM

Thanks Keith. I haven't used the MVC tools Dave mentioned. Here's a good article with some overviews to javascript MVC frameworks that's been consistent with what I've heard:

Avatar-missing-icon-05 shaheenery, 29 Mar 06:35 PM

Great presentation, I got lost a little bit in the middle, when you were describing the "less desirable" way of coding the example. Great summary, love the guidelines portion. I'm using the slides at work today as a reference as I code a new feature in jQuery

Open-uri20110427-8089-1tt8ufy-0 kadams54, 28 Apr 02:32 PM

Man, I wish I'd been able to make it for this presentation. Nonetheless, the slides are chock full of javascript-y goodness. Thanks a ton - this is awesome!

Stringio neduma, 24 May 08:39 PM

Very Informative..

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March 28, 2011 — 07:00 PM
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March 28, 2011

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