One Man Lightning Talks 4.32


To celebrate the NovaRUG's 50th meeting, they opened the floor to lightning talks. As an added incentive, the highest voted lightning talk was to be given a speaking slot at RubyNation 2011. I guess bringing my friends and family paid off that day. In the spirit of that event, I will attempt to give back-to-back lightning talks on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Do Your Commit Messages Suck?
  • Vendor Everything Still Applies
  • CoffeeScript: Exposing the Good Parts of JavaScript with Better Syntax
  • How We Use MongoDB at BusyConf
  • HTML5 Application Caching

Like a one-man-band, this talk will entertain with fast paced and varied content, keeping the audience engaged. Also like a one-man-band, it will provide the opportunity to witness disaster.

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