The JavaScript Renaissance 4.3


There are few (if any) languages that force “open source” as much as JavaScript. JavaScript has seen a meteoric rise in interest, excitement, energy, and unfortunately hype in the past 3 years. It has become one of the fastest interpreted programming languages available, mainly to due to vested interest from companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla. It has broken out of the browser with node.js and is rapidly captivating the top server-side development minds. It has new features on the way with ES-Harmony, many of which are available through new clothes like CoffeeScript. This is a survey of everything awesome that is currently going on in the world of JavaScript, none of the hype just a baseline survey.

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Burgeravatar Dave Copeland, 02 Apr 05:21 PM

Loved it; everyone in pirate hats, real info on JavaScript without succumbing to fanboyism. I hate JavaScript, but loved the talk and might could give it a try sometime…

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Ankur Sethi, 02 Apr 10:40 PM

Fabulously funny and also had some useful content about the javascript ecosphere.

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