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Used to manage everything from the Linux kernel to Ruby on Rails to jQuery, Git is rapidly becoming the version control solution of choice, especially in the web community. Fortunately, Git also happens to be a fantastic tool that is both extremely powerful and easy to use.

Local web developer Brian Arnold will talk about why you should use Git, how to do so, and how you can use it to share your work with others via Github. Brian's presentation will focus on a real-world project, giving you the context you need to start using Git immediately.

Version control seems daunting, but Git makes it simple, and even kind of fun.

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Stringio Andrew Collins, 08 Apr 08:19 PM

Terrific stuff, as always. The worst I could say is that there could have been less how and more why.

Open-uri20120605-1-2y7thu Ed Brandt, 08 Apr 08:30 PM

Brian did super job. How do I know? I'm a creative with no experience his field and yet I understood what he was presenting. Well done.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Alex Kiriako, 08 Apr 09:41 PM

I was really looking forward to Git, since I've tried a couple of versioning systems and been disappointed. The issues covered made a solid intro into the command line version of the app. Brian's enthusiasm also presented the product in a good light.

The only thing I would add as constructive for the future would be showing what the product looks like other than the command line version. As someone with a long time interest in ui and ux, I understand the beauty and simplicity of a command line interface, especially for programmers. But I also feel most users aren't comfortable with the time investment needed in memorizing key-commands, menu choices, etc. That's a real learning hurdle for many.

It's my feeling even a quick peek into a standard ui version of the product might make it more approachable to many. Even though as Brian pointed out there's currently a lack of ready-for-prime-time uis'.

The bottom line however, is after the presentation I feel I know enough to be ready to try out the command-line version. That made it fruitful for me.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 Patti March, 08 Apr 11:24 PM

As always, an enjoyable presentation put on by an intelligent speaker.

Open-uri20110909-18869-vre08i-0 Geoff Petrie, 23 Apr 06:14 PM

Comment deleted by Geoff Petrie on April 23, 2011 at 6:17 PM

Avatar_hrg Brian Arnold, 28 Apr 09:37 PM

Alex, I really appreciate the constructive feedback.

With regards to presenting Git as a product: I did show what the product looks like. Git does ship with a very, very basic GUI, but it's predominantly a command-line tool. I probably should have emphasized that a bit more. Thanks. :)

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