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In-Home Ethnographic interviews are great for learning about the personal details of a group of people and their environment. This type of research provides some challenges though, like when the focus of the study deals with extremely sensitive information.

Over the course of my career, I've twice had the opportunity to conduct research in environments where sensitive personal information and situations existed on two unique groups of people. The first group was made up of a cancer patients, current and past, and their caregivers. The second group, which is best defined as the "general public", with a concentration on their retirement funds and personal investing habits. It's important to note that the research conducted with the second group was right as the financial market was taking a dive in summer of 2008.

"From Cancer to Bankruptcy" is meant to tell the story of the people that were interviewed, and provide insight in how to deal with these sensitive topics, highlight interesting bits of data that not only brought value to the project but helped me grow as a person and designer, and finally offer some insight as to how to deal with situations where it becomes impossible to be the "impartial" observer. Attendees will be able to walk away with a basic understanding of how to arm themselves both professionally and emotionally for similar studies.

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Img_2003 Derren Hermann, 12 Apr 02:06 AM

I found this presentation to be full of excellent tips and stories to back them up around doing user research in the field. I appreciated the pace of the presentation and the overall honesty that came forth in the style and content.

Open-uri20110411-26654-xtbqbx-0 Geoff Alday, 13 Apr 01:04 AM

The thing I loved most about Brad's presentation was how you could really tell how much he cares about and is affected by his work. He provided great insight into how to conduct research in highly sensitive situations -- something that's never easy. It's content I'd love to hear more about.

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