Creating Data Driven Dashboards for Web Applications 4.57


This session will use real examples to show the audience how to design data driven screens in web applications.

Why is this important? With the growth in web applications over the past few years, the dashboard (or post-login screen) is always one of the trickiest to get right. What numbers matter, what trends matter, are we interested in precise figures or should we visualise an approximation.

What will it cover? The session covers how to design dashboards, what visualisations work, and what ones don't. It will also cover example dashboards for traditional e-commerce stores, web start-ups and more, complete with practical examples of real insights gained from having the right information to hand.

Who will benefit? The session will be of use to UX designers, Website owners, Business analysts, and folks working in the start-up space.

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Open-uri20110412-9538-q2ovsr-0 jaredvork, 12 Apr 03:41 AM

Really good thoughts on data visualization. Great examples of how charting the same data in different ways can dramatically change the user's interpretation.

Open-uri20110412-20684-1tytj2y-0 bridgestew, 12 Apr 12:53 PM

Funny presentation which made what could have been very dry content much more interesting. Des gave fantastic examples for good and bad data visualization that made a lot of sense and has changed the way I think about presenting data.

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