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You've seen the intro, you've cloned from GitHub, but you're still not convinced Git's learning curve is worth the climb. This session aims to shed some light from the real world on how Git is different, why the differences matter, and introduce some features and use cases you never knew you couldn't live without. Topics covered will include interactive rebase, interactive add, reflog, bisect and more.

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Me Chris Johnson, 12 Apr 12:58 PM

I only wish there could have been more time. The talk flew by and I would love to see a part 2 some day! Right now I'll have to settle for going over the slides and trying some examples out.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 janiukjf, 12 Apr 02:55 PM

Your talk really showed me the power of Git. I have already started migrating things over. You're a really dynamic speaker too. Not only was your talk awesome, it was a lot of fun too!

D0a6a3214ce230a19ae2d37738be460e Brian Hogan, 12 Apr 03:06 PM

The delivery was great. You did a wonderful job of telling me the "why" when you suggested a few things, but I think the talk's content could benefit from a little more of that. You've got a great workflow built up from your experience, and when you used examples, that really helped a lot. I always enjoy your talks.

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