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In the beginning, progressive enhancement was simple: HTML layered with CSS layered with JavaScript. That worked fine when there were two browsers, but in today's world of multiple devices and multiple browsers, it's time for a progressive enhancement reboot. At the core is the understanding that the web is not print - the same rules don't apply. As developers and consumers we've been fooled into thinking about print paradigms for too long. In this talk, you'll learn just how different the web is and how the evolution of progressive enhancement can lead to better user experiences as well as happier developers and users.

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Stringio Collin, 16 Apr 10:17 PM

Outstanding! Kept the audience engaged, and the presentation was well laid out. Worth the #jqcon ticket price.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Someone, 16 Apr 10:27 PM

WOW. Unbelievable

Open-uri20120605-1-1y6w1o7 IDVB, 16 Apr 10:38 PM

Refreshing look past the shoe-horning IE6 type syndrom.

Avatar12 Eric DeLabar, 16 Apr 10:44 PM

Awesome presentation, loved the TV analogy!

Open-uri20120605-1-8kzsmr Elliott wood, 16 Apr 10:49 PM

I've been preaching this for years too, but Nicholas managed to distill it into a format and business case that will make sense to the powers that be. looking forward to taking these slides back home.

Open-uri20120605-1-1mvl8ak Potch, 16 Apr 11:06 PM

Fantastic, attention-grabbing talk.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 Bryce Carr, 16 Apr 11:11 PM

Very persuasive and very good message.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 Mamta, 16 Apr 11:43 PM

Extremely awesome talk. I am still a newbie in the industry and this talk definitely helped me understand where to draw lines as far as consistency is concerned and why it is necessary to let browsers behave differently

Stringio Ivan Torres, 17 Apr 07:50 AM

Ground breaking proposal! No more rounding corners with PhotoShop!!!

Avatar-missing-icon-08 nhoj Asperin, 17 Apr 08:31 PM

Excellent speaker!

Open-uri20120605-1-g821f JP, 18 Apr 05:15 AM

Awesome presentation, excellent speaker. Really engaging with the audience. Really liked the topic :)

Open-uri20120605-1-rtd6lt Brandon, 02 Aug 09:26 PM

The quote that says "Elevators can never break. They only become stairs" perfectly describes progressive enchantments.

Open-uri20120605-1-1fnz7qi RobNJ, 03 Sep 12:49 PM

Finally! The simplest, most efficient answer to the most boring front-end dev issue which otherwise has no end in sight! Your ideas are the without a doubt the best answer to the endless slew of blog posts that are still regurgitating Ethan Marcotte's post from ALA from May 2010! So thank you very much for your insight, and i hope to read more from you on this and see this tired subject to bed! ...The single page of B&W content on an ancient TV setup compared to it on an HD set really says it all. And it was paired so nicely next to the Mitch Hedberg one-liner!

Stringio Bryan, 09 Sep 04:56 PM

Nobody expects the Spanish, er, Rickroll.

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