Introduction to jQuery Mobile 4.84


This talk would be a hands on introduction to jQuery Mobile. I'd discuss how to begin working with the framework, it's way of doing things, and how to build common UI items.

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181587_10150098340334021_500264020_6408102_2847957_n Eddie Monge, 16 Apr 10:16 PM

Super easy to follow along. Engaged the audience. Gave a technical talk that anyone could follow along with by using simple and real time examples. Didn't spend a lot of time typing, which is frustrating experience with most real time demos, but his were quick bursts and kept talking while typing so we weren't sitting bored.

Open-uri20120605-1-kvb76v Brian, 16 Apr 11:08 PM

Great job Ray! Loved the content and the little comedy quips were great and made the whole experience a lot of fun. I think you should do a full day training!

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Leo Lanese, 04 Jul 03:34 PM


This sounds really interesting! Is going to be any event in London?

Thanks, Leo

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Time & Location

April 16, 2011 — 02:30 PM
Microsoft, Mt. View, California (Map It)

Room: 2