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Get up to speed on all the newest features of a web app developer's best friend, Chrome Dev Tools. Update CSS styles on the fly, get a diff or save changes to disk. Set breakpoints on everything imaginable and dig into the networking stack to uncover performance gains.

Get better familiarized with the tools you depend on to make you productive. We'll cover tricks unique to jQuery development and techniques for faster iterations within your team, through collaborative debugging.

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Img_0010 Saikrishna Mandadhi, 17 Apr 11:59 PM

Pretty cool stuff hidden in chrome web browser. Thanks for sharing with us.

Doug-html5-2 Doug Neiner, 18 Apr 01:45 AM

Paul, the stuff you shared will help me every single day I am coding JS & jQuery. Thanks for the great humor as well as the killer feature review!

181587_10150098340334021_500264020_6408102_2847957_n Eddie Monge, 18 Apr 02:00 AM

Super funny as always. I was always curious about Chrome Dev Tools and now I know a lot about them and how extremely useful they appear to be.

Open-uri20120605-1-g821f JP, 18 Apr 05:48 AM

Almost makes me want to ditch Firefox for Chrome. Great talk. And really funny.

Tr_icon thatryan, 18 Apr 03:50 PM

Do we really need to rate Paul anymore? :) I mean this guy is brilliant, and his presentation are always intelligent, insightful and beyond helpful, even when the screen is not cooperating. I took so many little tricks out of his talk, my workflow is bound to increase daily, thanks!

Avatar-missing-icon-02 xianchen, 10 May 01:49 AM

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