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Dale Sande - UI Engineer - Getty Images HTML and CSS the last thing that you have to deal with in developing your apps? Do you have a hard time communicating with your designers? Looking to get agile with your UI? Suffer from inconsistent UI and spaghetti code code all over the place? When in doubt, you default to add more CSS?

Dale Sande, a UI Engineer for Getty Images will speak about how developing a UI Pattern Library has reduced the frustrations felt between designers and developers. Tie that in with Modular Web Design concepts and OOCSS best practices, using metalanguage technologies like SASS and .LESS, you have a recipe for WIN in the enterprise as well as small businesses.

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Avatar-missing-icon-02 Ben Wong, 18 May 02:13 PM

Dale gave a great presentation at the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup group. Although I didn't catch the entire presentation (came late), his presentation brought to light that web and UI design can now be accomplished in a modular and structured approach. This approach is most applicable to large development teams and projects where they will reap the most benefits. He has also contributed to the community by creating a guide to this topic which currently is sorely missing.

He is also a great speaker and was able to give detailed answers to questions asked by the attendees. Definitely worth a trip if you are a web designer or a UI engineer.

Stringio Art Jasso, 18 May 04:11 PM

Great Presentation. OOCSS is a another step to bridges the gap between each page being a 'piece of art' unique and separate from other pages versus a reuseable component of the development process. OOCSS makes the markup style sheets more like good programming practices rather crazy practice of cut and paste. Dale did a great job showing this.

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May 17, 2011 — 02:00 PM
C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions, LLC‎ 222 E. Erie Street, Suite 330 Milwaukee, WI 53202 (Map It)