Building Pageless Apps with Rails and Backbone.js 4.78


Make your users happy by building webapps without page loads. People waiting 2,000ms or more for a page on your app to load are losing interest and focus. Learn how easy it is to create an interface that responds in less then 100ms with Backbone.js, a JavaScript library created to seamlessly integrate with Rails and keep your JavaScript organized and readable.

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Face2 Tim Tyrrell, 21 May 08:02 PM

The only issue was that you went VERY fast, which I could handle, but I bet it caused some issues, especially for non-native english speakers. All in all, it, it was exceptional.

Stringio supairish, 21 May 08:21 PM

This probably had some of the coolest use of javascript I saw at the conference. Really want to try Backjone.js on a personal project.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 xianchen, 10 May 01:53 AM

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