The Revenge of method_missing() 4.66


Convinced that nobody can bully method_missing() and get away with it, Nusco resolved to present a talk about it. When is method_missing() appropriate, and when should you pick an alternative metaprogramming magic spell instead? Is method_missing() really dangerous? What are the common method_missing() pitfalls, and how can you avoid them?

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Open-uri20110528-20948-1utfxd9-0 oinak, 28 May 04:18 PM

very googd and concise examples and funny pictures also, I think most of us are going to pirate your book (as you suggested) and most will also buy it :D

Surfalldaylong overbryd, 29 May 10:24 AM

Very very good talk. I liked your points, the whole outline and I enjoyed your metaphors / drawings. :))))

Avatar-missing-icon-07 Anna_Bennet, 23 Aug 06:33 AM

I like this talk. I find it useful.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Umair Rana, 07 Sep 07:10 PM

Comment deleted by Umair Rana on September 07, 2013 at 7:11 PM

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Umair Rana, 07 Sep 07:11 PM

what sort of revenge it is?

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