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Paul is a web guy from Dublin, Ireland. He is co-curator of funconf and a maker of fine web apps at HyperTiny.

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Surfalldaylong overbryd, 29 May 10:21 AM


Avatar-missing-icon-03 A Listener, 31 May 09:57 PM

Well, if you have an awesome keynote for 30 minutes, but got a 60 minutes slot, make sure you don't lose your audience in the 30 minutes of runup. That didn't work too well for me here.

Skitched-9-1 Paul Campbell, 01 Jun 07:41 PM

I had only planned on speaking about Japan for a fraction of the time I did ; but on the day I felt people were responding well to it, so I indulged a bit. Too bad it didn't work for you!

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