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May 28th, 2011 10:00 AM



The Ruby ecosystem is pretty awesome when it comes to developing or consuming HTTP APIs. On the publishing front, the Rails framework is an attractive option because it supports publishing what are popularly (but inaccurately) referred to as 'RESTful' APIs quickly and effortlessly. On the consumer side, the Ruby ecosystem provides several very fluent and powerful libraries that make it easy to consume HTTP based APIs.

Since a significant proportion of projects today require that APIs be both published and consumed, many of them wind up choosing Ruby as a platform for the reasons mentioned above. This talk is targeted at folks that are currently on such projects, or anticipate being on such projects in the future.

We will cover: Consuming HTTP APIs: 1) The basics of making HTTP calls with Ruby 2) The strengths and weaknesses of Ruby's Net::HTTP across 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby (possibly Rubinius if we have the time to do research) 3) Popular HTTP libraries that either make it easier to do HTTP by providing better APIs, make it faster by using libCurl or both 4) Different approaches to deserializing popular encoding formats such as XML and JSON and the pitfalls thereof

Producing HTTP APIs using Rails: 1) The basics of REST 2) What Rails gives you out of the box - content-type negotiation, deserialization etc. and the limitations thereof 3) What Rails fails to give you out of the box - hypermedia controls etc. 4) What Rails does wrong - wrong PUT semantics, no support for PATCH, error handling results in responses that violate the clients Accepts header constraints etc. 4) How one can achieve Level 2 on the Richardson Maturity Model of REST using Rails 5) Writing tests for all of this

At the end of this, our audience will understand how you can both consume and produce HTTP APIs in the Ruby ecosystem. They will also have a clear idea of what the limitations of such systems are and what the can do to work around the limitations.

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