Java Exercises Session - Part 1 5.0


A shift from the current plan (based on the feedback I received) to allow the students to get some hands-on experience with Java code.

- Getting familiar with mattyb's java-koans ( and playing around with the same for a while.
- Modeling a simple domain for a Restaurant and writing all the code from the ground up in class (as a group exercise)

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Avatar-missing-icon-08 mmjavahh, 06 Jun 03:14 PM

This was one of the most useful courses I attended becuase it started to put all of the prior training sessions into comprehensive ideas and examples.

The group discussion was excellent.

Covering Java Koans and spending some timine on the first examples helped in getting through the initial configuration and first few examples.

The restauranct modeling group disucssion was fun. It was great to have so many people participate both at the white-board and during the group Q&A.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 P.Patel, 06 Jun 09:22 PM

The Restaurant exercise was very helpful, as stated by "mmjavahh" above. Can we go a step, or a few steps, further? Can we take the Restaurant example and build on it with JDBC and later Web development and other topics/areas? This way, at the end of the end of the course, we will have a full working example with all major concepts learned ... something we can use as reference when we do our own projects.

On a side note, I am really enjoying learning from Raju's experience. By pointing out the dos and don'ts it feels like we will be a step ahead as we program in Java at work. Nice to know what mistakes to avoid now and save time.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 rajsmallworld, 18 Jun 12:01 AM

Good example, and great way to start on a project, beginning with requirements, design and coding.

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